Is an indoamerican language spoken in the Andean zone around Titicaca Lake and other Chilean & Argentinean Andean locations.

It is a language belonging to the Jaqi family, which is the second most spoken language in the Andean area, after Quechua.

There are theories, which relate the Jaqi languages to Quechua, therefore they may be variations of a common language: Quechumara.

The Jaqi family is composed of three languages:

a) Kawki: spoken by some 200 ancients in Lima, Peru (Yauyos)

b) Jaqaru: around 2.000 people speak it, also Yauyos (Lima, Perú).

c) Aymara: 3 million people speak it. From the area surrounding Titicaca Lake (Bolivia - Perú) to some Chilean and Argentinean Andean locations.

Aymara spoken in Chile is quite similar to that spoken in Bolivia.

For some authors, the Aymara spoken in Chile is in a linguistically archaic stage, while that spoken in Bolivia shows more innovations.

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